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  • Harold ferus jr 3 months ago


    I create something in visual studio 2017 or one of the others.

    It can be a website, etc.. It run on my local machine and azure account.

    However, when I upload it to godaddy it will not run.

    I have come to the conculsion that the problem is with the webconfig file.

    So, is there a project,simple, that can be done with VS2017 and uploaded to godaddy with the rt. webconfig file.

    I have use one of the templates from Microsoft and as I have said it run on local and azure but not on godaddy.

    Thank you


  • Terry Ogbemudia 3 months ago

    Hi Harold, I need to more, is this an asp.net project? Is you godaddy hosting account Linux or Windows? 

  • Mohammed Safa 1 month ago

    I cannot see a OOP course in the list, will there be one early explaining oop and its concepts with a project based course ?

  • Terry Ogbemudia 1 month ago

    Hi Safa,

    yes, we start releasing OOP courses from next week starting from introduction series, then a simple project and finally a bigger project these are all planned for this year at least three courses on OOP before we move on to Laravel and other stuffs.

  • Mohammed Safa 1 month ago

    Hello Terry Sir,

    Thats a great thing to hear !! so from next week we can expect a OOP project :) Laravel thats cool, only planning to go with laraval framework ? no idea of a codeigniter ? I guess CI will be easy to start as a framework intro for beginners. 

  • Terry Ogbemudia 1 month ago

    Yeah from next week OOP will start flowing in, Laravel and Synfony might be the main focus for now but if more people want CI then we can also do that in any case Framework will come in much later in the year for now we start digging raw PHP OOP / MVC

  • Mohammed Safa 1 month ago

    thats awesome sir, will join in soon and can't wait to see the OOP series next week. 

  • Will 1 month ago

    Hey terry its Will couldnt remember my old account email so created a new one. I would love to see a course not PDO but mysqli prepared stmt type php cronjobs I have yet to see a course about writing a php cronjob then executing it using crontabs

  • Terry Ogbemudia 1 month ago

    Hi Will did your old email begin with "nyblkboricua" ?

  • Will 1 month ago

    yes it did


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