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  • Terry Ogbemudia 1 day ago
    @Dmitrijs if you have another question you should create a different thread with an appropriate title so that it will be easy for others to find help, for example, a google title might be "error when running gulp"
  • Terry Ogbemudia 1 day ago
    Just ignore and try to follow what I do in the lecture
  • Terry Ogbemudia 1 day ago

    Looks okay you can ignore the error try to install gulp notify

    npm i gulp-notify

  • Dmitrijs 1 day ago

    Lecture 7. Task Automation with Gulp and Laravel Elixir

    I downloaded the file [app.scss] from the lecture 7, but my editor signals that there are some problems in line 10 (see image):

    I presume it must be semicolon in the end of line 9

  • Dmitrijs 1 day ago

    Lecture 7. Task Automation with Gulp and Laravel Elixir

    I ran [gulp] command. After that I have this result (see image)


    Was the installation successful?

    Can I continue or should I solve some problems?

  • Terry Ogbemudia 2 days ago
    If you want to follow exactly as shown in the course then uninstall like so:

    bower uninstall foundation....

    Then install 6.3.1

  • Dmitrijs 3 days ago

    I got the point. Thanks a lot. But I have another problem.

    I ran [bower install foundation-sites –save] instead of [bower install foundation-sites#6.3.1 –save]. Do I need to uninstall foundation-sites and install foundation-sites#6.3.1? If yes, how to uninstall foundation-sites?


    After finishing the lecture #6 my [bower.json] file looks like that:

    {  "name": "acme-store",  "dependencies": {    "foundation-sites": "^6.4.3",    "motion-ui": "^1.2.3",    "jquery": "~2.2",     "slick-carousel": "^1.8.1"  }}


    jQuery JavaScript Library IS v3.3.1 in C:\xampp\htdocs\ecommerce\resources\assets\bower\vendor\jquery\dist\jquery.js

  • Terry Ogbemudia 3 days ago

    This is explained is lecture 4 starting from 5:38 to the end, in the lecture I use --global which is same as -g the order is irrelevant

  • Dmitrijs 3 days ago

    I watched lecture 4 again, sorry but there is nothing about command [npm install -g bower gulp]. Why do we need to run this command?

    I ran [npm install] (lecture 7), after that node_modules folder, with a lot of files, was created in C:\xampp\htdocs\ecommerce.

  • Terry Ogbemudia 4 days ago

    Did you skip some lessons?? 

    Please watch this https://devscreencast.com/courses/how-to-build-a-modern-e-commerce-store-with-php-mvc/learn/4 so you can setup things properly.

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