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  • Angeliaters 2 months ago

    Php login homework, Get start it with the author name which is mention. I want to take a look, This thing is mentioned bid4papers review because i know to increase some audience is it necessary to show our working but this time I am giving you to make php login homework.

  • Terry Ogbemudia 3 years ago

    Great. Keep going

  • Alaa 3 years ago







    $sqlQuery = "SELECT * FROM feedback";


    $statement = $db->prepare($sqlQuery);




    $info= "<table style='border:1px solid gray;'>";



        $info.= "<tr><td style='border:1px solid gray;'>".$row['sender_name']."</td><td style='border:1px solid gray;'>".$row['sender_email']."</td><td style='border:1px solid gray;'>".$row['message']."</td><td style='border:1px solid gray;'>".$row['send_date']."</td></tr>";



    $info.= "</tabl>";



    <!DOCTYPE html>






            <meta charset="utf-8">


            <title>Feedback Page</title>









            <h2>Athintication System</h2><hr>


            <h3>Feedbak table</h3>


            <?php if(isset($info)) echo $info;?>

            <p><a href="../index.php">HomePage</a></p>






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