PDO - When to use try/catch block and when not to?

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  • Terry Ogbemudia 1 year ago
    Yeah different people will always have different opinions, generally you should use a try catch block if you use anything that can throw an exception for example when using PDO you expect a PDO exception so you should use a try catch block. 

    It think it’s generally good to use it, even when using a logger which in itself doesn’t catch an exception 

  • Hder 2 years ago

    Concerning using PDO/MySQL procedures, I have read some people saying do not use try/catch blocks every where but rather use the error logging features of the database system, others say use it everywhere...?  Can you give your comments on when to use try/catch and when not to.  Does it matter if you are in  a) the testing environment or b) the production environment?

    Thanks, Henry.

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