Lecture: 58 Move Image Link

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  • Candicemendoza 1 month ago

    Before you guys came here, Author is moved the page link and show us nothing. What you guys have in your mind, What is your requirnment to get the page link and https://www.resumehelpservices.com/theresumestudio-com-review/ . What is in your mind because you have to do what is the most important thing on page.

  • Terry Ogbemudia 1 year ago

    I replied to your message on discuss and need your response 

  • Shaun Collins 1 year ago

     Hi Terry, having trouble with this discussion. Link to files is https://www.dropbox.com/s/gom2cc5ityzup0a/ecommerce.zip?dl=0

    Regards Shaun

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