complete php mvc course build a modern php ecommerce-store

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  • John 10 months ago
    Hi Terry.. 

    I have emailed you the zip file


  • Terry Ogbemudia 10 months ago
    or any other way you can send the files
  • Terry Ogbemudia 10 months ago

    Hi John, I was out of the office for a few days, if you had contacted support this would have been addressed, please zip your source code and email to I will have a look myself. 


  • John 10 months ago

    I'm stuck in section 2.. setting up environment variables.

    I have changed the paths many times but I still get the same error.... What are mine doing wrong..

    ";="" font-weight:="" 700;="" background-color:="" rgb(204,="" 0,="" 0);="" color:="" rgb(252,="" 233,="" 79);="" font-size:="" x-large;"="">( ! )

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