{}Complete Login and Registration System

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  • David Pinschof 4 months ago

    The registration system has some parts of the login among different courses to get on this with a version of the parts. Screencast has data about the facts that have careerbooster parties to make the plan among these general discussion ports to make.

  • Terry Ogbemudia 3 years ago

    great, sometime just a space b4 the opening php tag can casue this

  • MD 3 years ago

    Yes, it is working now.

  • Terry Ogbemudia 3 years ago

    or try moving this ob_start(); to utilities.php first line, remove it from header and also the one in footer remove

  • MD 3 years ago

    see the url..





  • Terry Ogbemudia 3 years ago

    Can I see how you did the second method, paste the part of the code here

  • MD 3 years ago

    Sorry, but only the first one method working well. -->comment out that line in utiliters.php....

    The another one failed. 

  • Terry Ogbemudia 3 years ago

    this is usually because the script is trying to resend the header, so another option is to clear the buffer by adding
    ob_start(); in line 1 in header.php like so

    <?php ob_start();

    and then in footer.php in the last line add

    <?php ob_flush(); ?>

  • Terry Ogbemudia 3 years ago

    Hi MD,

    Can u comment out that line in utilities.php? like so //session_generate_id()

  • MD 3 years ago

    I tried to install the download file with the final course, and when clicking the logout menu or link, an error occurs like an attachment screen shoot. How can I do?





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