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  • Vincent Kerr 7 months ago

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  • Terry Ogbemudia 3 years ago

    For the benefit of others, this was my response to Greg and happily issue resolved 

    Hi Greg,
    Sorry you feel this way but your subscription is managed by PayPal which mean if you would like to cancel you need to do it from your PayPal account for users who subscribe to devscreencast using stripe we have provided a cancel button in the settings page to make it easy to cancel when you want to.
    In your case do login to your PayPal account and cancel recurring payment. Would you be kind enough to let me know why you're cancelling your subscription, this will help me in a lot of ways. 


  • David Carr 3 years ago

    just seen this:

    I’d like a refund How can I get one?

    You can request for a refund within seven days from your date of subscription. Write tosupport@devscreencast.com to request a full refund of your most recent subscription bill

  • Greg 3 years ago

    I see that it very difficult to cancel the subscription and no real contact information or email contact form to the administration of the site. That is frustrating. Perhaps I am missing something. But I want to cancel my subscription and I see that it is set for auto renew. How to cancel my one month subscription.

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