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  • Terry Ogbemudia 3 years ago

    Hi Hder, I just started a new series for social media login, you can follow up here

  • Terry Ogbemudia 3 years ago

    Thanks for your feedback Hder I will add the database script later and for the oAuth login we might do a series too not sure how soon though because I am currently making another course at the moment.

  • Hder 3 years ago

    Really enjoyed your Login Course - appreciated the depth of thought that went into it.  Few suggestions:

    1. Would be good to include a SQL script to create the database tables for the final module - that way we can just load the final module code and create the final database instead of going through each module.

    2.  A great addition would be to include modules to allow users to sign in with their Facebook, Twitter, or Google account as well.

    Thanks very much!

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